Do you need an outside bookkeeper or an employee?

Not sure?  We can help!

How many hours a week will you need the person?  Is it on-site or off-site?  Do you want to have more control over the work or do you just want the work done?  Do you need the work done during specific hours?  How big is your company?  Do you have other employees?  These are all factors to consider when deciding whether to bring in an employee or hire an outside contractor like us.

If you are a very small company with no other employees, you probably want to start out subcontracting the work out and letting someone else do the work at their own office or under the own schedule (Payroll is a big step to take so be ready for it!).  If you don't mind the work being done off-site, than a subcontractor will suit you as well.  You will pay more per hour, but you will not have to worry about payroll, withholdings, deductions and payroll taxes.

If you already have other employees and need the work done in your office, during specific hours, you probably need to hire the bookkeeper as an employee.  You have more "control" over employees.  And while you can generally pay them less per hour, you will have to pay employer taxes and workers compensation insurance on them as well.  But per Internal Revenue Service guidelines, if you are controlling how, when are where the work is done - than you have to hire the person as an employee.

If you need help deciding, call us for a consult and we can help.  Then we can help you find a suitable bookkeeper either through us or as an employee to hire.

Not sure where to start?  Wondering what you would look for in a qualified bookkeeper?  Never hired someone to handle your finances before?  This person will be handling some important work for your business.  Its very important that they be qualified and able to do the job right so you do not have to call someone like us to fix it later.

Here are a few packages we have put together to help you find the right employee for your business.

A La Carte

(please note these prices are subject to change)

Two Hour Consult @ Our Office:  We will discuss your business needs, set up goals and develop a plan for your accounting department. (*$75 additional @ Your Office) $100*
Ad Placement:  We will write and place two ads for you (one ad in a local newspaper as agreed and one ad online) $50 + Cost of ads
Interview Candidates:  We will arrange a meeting with each candidate here at our office to discuss your business needs and perform a full interview for you ($30 additional each candidate if you want us to meet you at your office and interview them with you).  Let us weed through all the bad ones for you! $50/each*
Monthly Payroll:  We have various payroll options to meet your business needs $35/month+
Background Checks:  Let us perform the criminal check on your final candidates $75/each
Check References: Not sure what to ask when checking references?  Let us call for you! $25/each
Resume Receipt & Sorting:  Give us all of the resumes and let us sort through them to find the best applicants or have them sent directly to our fax, PO Box or email.  We will review them all, sort them and categorize them for follow up, in order of their suitability for your position.  Give us the pile and we will make sense of it!  Here we will just sort them out and put them in order of qualified and un-qualified. $150
Top 10 List:  Once we have sorted all of the resumes, we will compile them into a "Top 10" giving you a cover sheet on each applicant with their strengths and weaknesses for the Top 25.  Let us rank your candidates and give you some feedback on all the foreign lingo on their resumes!  We will even give you some follow up questions you should ask them. $200


"You Sort It Out" Package   $325

You place the ad and provide us with the resumes or have the resumes sent to us.  We will review them, sort them and make our suggestions for the Top 10 with cover sheets of their pros and cons.  You will receive the Top 25 in order (if you have at least that many responses).  This is a $25 Savings from the A La Carte menu.

"Get Me Started" Package  $450

In addition to above, we will hold the two hour consult here to discuss your needs and goals and will place the ads for you.  This is a $40 savings!

"Just Do-It-All-For-Me" Package  $750

You get it all!  We will do it all for you!  You get the consult, the ad placement, the sorting of resumes, the Top 10 List...


We will interview the Top 5 applicants, check their references and run a background check on your final pick!

You save $90 letting us do it all for you!!  This is much cheaper than going through a temp agency and paying their fees plus you set the parameters of what you are looking for.  We are here to guide you.


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