Starting a new home-based business?  Then you probably have already thought about the benefits.  Maybe its the low or no overhead, time flexibility or freedom from commuting that appeals to you.  Home-based businesses were once viewed as "small" and usually unsuccessful but with the rise of the Internet, high speed cable access and e-commerce, they are now giving big business a run for its money and some stiff competition. But have you thought about what you need to put into place prior to getting started?  Have you thought about what financial records you need to be keeping and for whom?  It is important to have a "financial plan" that coincides with your "business plan" no matter how small your business may be.  Organization is key in successfully starting up on the right foot.  Not sure where to start?  Not sure what you are supposed to do? 


Its time and money saving to have all your answers before questions arise and in order to find those answers, make sure you have professional help.  Ever heard of a P&L?  Not sure what a General Ledger is?  Have you thought about whether to set up a DBA?  Do you need any special licenses or permits?  Insurance or bonds?  Will you be charging sales tax?  How will you deposit your sales income and pay your business expenses?  Have you looked into bank accounts, merchant accounts and credit cards to use solely for business?  These are just a sample of what needs to be investigated when starting up at home.  You will save yourself more money and even penalties in your new business endeavor if you seek some consulting before you get started.  It's no fun to find out you've not been paying something you should have been for months and now you owe penalties PLUS interest!


Hiring a qualified bookkeeper could be a great resource to help your business get up and running smoothly.  Bookkeepers serve as a liaison between business owner or individual and their CPA.  They leave the actual running of the business up to the owners and the final tax and financial planning to the CPA's.  They are a cost efficient approach to business management.  Think about it, every large corporation has them - departments of them.  Why?  Because the President and other departments run best when they arenít worried about the number crunching as well. 


Hiring a qualified bookkeeper will not only keep you from making expensive mistakes but they save you money by keeping your finances in order so that you can present an efficient package to your tax preparer or CPA at year end.  Whether you decide to do your own monthly input of your records or have a bookkeeper do all the number crunching for you, having the guidance on your side will help your bottom line.  Not number savvy?  Financially challenged?  Then you might consider leaving all the numbers to a bookkeeper and focus on running your business.


I offer a full range of flexible, affordable business services to my clients.  My assistance can range from simply giving you the tools to get you started off registering your business with the proper authorities (Federal, State and Local governments) to the actual nitty gritty monthly entering of all your financial transactions.  I can be as involved in your day-to-day business activities as you need, making sure that you are utilizing the most efficient methods of maintaining a financially healthy business. With over ten years experience in bookkeeping, financial planning and income taxes, who better to help you in your new home-based business than someone who is successfully managing their own?  Call me to set up a consult to talk about ideas for getting your business, new or existing, on the path to financial ease.

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