"The Queen's" Recommendations

Here is a list of helpful business tools that we recommend:

Legal & Financial Services:

Incorporate Online!  Reputable, easy & inexpensive online incorporation services (we can help you through this as well) Click on banner:


www.PayPal.com is the fastest growing way to pay bills and collect money online.  Personal accounts accepting cash transfers are free.  Business and Premier accounts charge a very low % rate to collect money but since so many vendors (including myself) are accepting it, its a very convenient way to pay bills!

For payroll we use and recommend www.PayCycle.com.  Contact us for our wholesale pricing information.  If you work through us, we can get it cheaper than for you to go direct.



Wendy Barlin CPA @ www.WBarlinCPA.com - the greatest CPA!

Farmers Insurance - Agent Stephen Pohl - 310-474-6764.  Please tell him who referred you.

Mortgage Loans - Please call my girl, Seline Burns!  She is the greatest.  She is personable, bright and the best!  She is my personal mortgage broker...  www.FinancialPriorityLending.com 

Need a logo?  Picture restoration?  Some magical graphics or spicing up of your website?  Contact Maggie @ www.saveyourpix.com

Also visit my Clients for their wide array of services.



My software of choice for business/corporate use is Intuit's QuickBooks.  If you are a sole proprietor or tracking personal finances, I recommend Quicken.

The hottest trend in long distance is internet-based, digital long distance.  Programs such as Vonage, or cable service for your long distance.

And if you want to look like a big business without the cost of secretaries and answering services try Call Wave You wont miss any calls and its all done online (As with everything these days).  Another great tool recommended by clients of mine.


Business Marketing Tools:

For great Email tools, newsletters and marketing: www.ConstantContact.com  Love this service!  You can get a free trial to give it a try.

My favorite tool is www.efax.com!  This is a web-based fax service.  Your faxes get sent to you via email and can be sent in PDF format.  This makes it so easy to fax yourself copies of bank statements, receipts, etc. and keep a copy of them on your computer.  I use this service and love it!  Only $12.95 per month!


Website Services:

Blue Host is who I highly recommend for web hosting and who we use.  Up to 6 domains on one account for as low as $6.95 per month!  Can't beat that!  Blue Host

Ever need to access files when you are away from your office or computer.  Some of my clients use those service to share files with me.  They will give you a free trial, Free FTP space. XDrive 5GB of online storage. Store, backup and share files online.  www.xDrive.com

And for off-site data storage and backup I use and recommend www.Mozy.com.  It is $4.95 per month per computer.  It will automatically back up the drives you specify to a secure online, encrypted location so if your computer melts down in the summer heat or your toddler spills juice on your lap top, you are covered!


Office Supplies:

Where we love to shop for office supplies without leaving home!

www.Staples.com - Sign up as a Rewards Member and get FREE delivery on every order.  We use this to order everything and get free next-day delivery of things as little as a ream of paper.

You know what has been the most convenient tool for me so far?  Not going to the post office!!!!  I print and ship from home.  Save yourself an hour in line when even the least computer-savvy person can do this.  Trust me! :) Print Priority mail postage from www.usps.com and choose Click N Ship!


Business Travel:

Where else do I shop around for the cheapest hotel and airfare when traveling but the following sites (shop each one for the best rates):  Any where I can!  Come back soon and see more preferred sites!





Family Finance Center

www.UPromise.com - shop through this site and sign up your credit cards to track your chopping and start saving hundreds of FREE $$$ for college!  Sign up your grocery club cards also!  I personally save almost $800 a year through this program.  $800 of free money...why not?

www.ePinions.com is a great place to look for real-people reviews of any product or service you can think of!  Do your homework before you buy anything.




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